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Rose care
Few steps to take care of a rose bush.
The rose bush is a vigorous plant and it resist heavy droughts.

However, during the first year, it is important to take care of the watering and ensure the plant has enough water.

In case the rose bush is planted in a pot, regular watering it is needed.

When watering, it is important to avoid drenching the leaves, because it can produces fungus to appear.

Also skip watering during strong sunlight hours.
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Strong fertilizing must be avoid.

It is advisable to use slow release fertilizing.
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Cutting the flowers:
During the first year it is recommendable not to cut long stem roses.
The stems of flowers should be cut around the second leaf.

Once exceeded the first year, long stem roses can be cut.

Dried up flowers must be cut, in order to let the rose bush, grow and produce new flowers.

During the first year, dried up roses must be cut around the first leaf, although, after the first year, they should be cut around the third leaf.
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The prune:
Annual prune must be done from the second year.

It should be executed during the no growing period of the plant, usually around January.