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During all the time the rose plants are at the field several tasks must be done periodically in order to make sure that the youth rose plants are growing properly.
These tasks are mainly the following ones:

Preventing treatment are carried out several times during all the farming time in order to maintain the plants free of illnesses, bugs and fungi. Fungicides and insecticides are applied, as well as, sulfur powder.
The cultivator:

The cultivator are used many times during the farming process. It is essential to maintain the correct humidity level of the soil and also to keep the field free of weed.
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Trim off:

Once the youth rose plant has grown enough it is trimmed off carefully in order to clear the rose plant and to ensure it will grow correctly and new branches born.

From April to May the field is fertilize. It is used a slow release fertilizer which longs about six months. It is the best option since our crop it is a dry land crop.
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The seedling:

During all the farming time the rose plants are controlled and any new seedling is remove to avoid any interference which the graft which is growing.

In April the youth plants have already rooted. It is time to scrabble the land in order to maintain the correct soil humidity and also remove weed.
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Our rose farm it is an outdoor and dry land crop. We do not water the field anytime, so that, we obtain vigorous and resistant plants.

Our farming process starts in August when the seeds are collected. The seeds from which the rootstock is obtained.
Since the moment the seeds are collected to the moment the plants are ready for the sale, it takes more than three and a half years.

Our farming process follows the traditional methodology.

During all the farming time, in a handmade manner, we take accurate care of all the rose plants. It give as a result unique rose plants of excellent quality.

The rose plants farming starts in August when the seeds are collected. Afterwards these seeds are sowed in order to obtain the plant we use as rootstock.

The seeds are collected selecting, one by one, by hand, in order to make sure we take only the best ones. The seeds are mixed with sand.

This mixture is putted on containers which are left outdoors, at a place protected from the sun, until February. During this time the stratification process is done.

Seed collecting:
Trim off the rootstock:

When February comes the graft we have implanted during the summer has grown enough.

It is time to remove all the weed and as the graft has grown enough the rootstock is trimmed off to let the new graft grow quickly and strongly.

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At middle July the rootstocks has reached the correct size to be grafted.

First of all we collect the necessary branches from the varieties we want to reproduce. Then soil that covers the roots of the rootstocks are removed and the graft it is put at the beginning of the root.

To finalize the graft is cover using a piece of adhesive paper.

The graft:

The process to obtain a new rose variety it is complex and longs for several years of work and study. Genetic lines must be selected properly and the appropriate pollen must be used.
However, not always we get the desired result.

The hybridize process can be summarized as below:

At the end of June the rose field is fully flowered. It is time to get the pollen from the roses we need to hybridize. This pollen is applied to the rose flower which has been selected as the mother flower.
At the end of August a need fruit full of seeds is got. These seeds are sowed to get the new rose plant variety.

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Seed sowing:

In late February, the stratification process of the seed are ended and these seeds are ready to be sowed.

The seeds are sowed in large containers. These containers are placed outdoors.

As substratum we use peat mixed with some clay and coir.

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The youth plants:

Few days after the seeds were sowed the youth plants start to grow.

In March the youth plants have grown enough to be planted at the field.

The youth plants are selected one by one, choosing only the best ones to be planted.

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The youth plants are planted at the field in rows separated by 1,5m from each other, in order to let the tractors move freely.

Our crop it is a dry land crop and we do not water the plants in any case.

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Before doing the pull-up a specific pruning is done to facilitate it. Branches are cut about 40 cm and leaves are removed.

This pruning is done by machine.

The rose plants are pulled up by machine and then grouped into bundles.

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The pull-up:
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The prune:

At early October the prune it is done, in order to eliminate all the old flowers, clear the rose plant and let it prepared to be uproot.

The prune operation is done by a machine.

Before it, all the plants are identified by a label.

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